Home Care Services

Family Care Extended, Inc.

Our agency provides you and your family with great home care service and the peace of mind you deserve.

Do You Or A Loved One Need Care Now?​

Are you overwhelmed by the stress and demands of taking care of a loved one at home?

Are you or a loved one unable to leave home unassisted and aren’t sure what to do?

Are you a full-time caregiver who is also trying to balance a job and family?

Are you or a loved one left at home alone all day and would enjoy the companionship from our caring staff?

Do you have a loved one who is confused or disoriented and in need of a protective setting due to Alzheimer’s Disease or a related disorder?

Personalized Care

Whether a client has been dealing with a long-term chronic situation or a sudden illness, Family Care Extended will make the transition from hospital, nursing home, or struggling on their own, as easy and smooth as possible. We will have a nurse and/or aide there with the client as soon as they are needed. We will contact the primary physician for on-going orders. We will make arrangements for getting the medical equipment and supplies delivered. If Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Therapy are required, we will make sure that they are ready to help as soon as they needed.

What Makes Our Home Care Services Unique?

Family Care Extended is committed to providing the highest quality home care services and treating all clients, of all ages, with dignity and respect.

We work closely with each of our patients’ primary care physicians to develop an individualized care plans.

nursing care

Treatments include wound, respiratory, tracheotomy, diabetes, and colostomy care, as well as injections and other medication administration. A home care nurse provides medical related treatments as opposed to daily living care.

Home health Aide

Home health aides take care of patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities or are elderly and need continuous care while living at home. Home health aides work closely with a nurse and keep a record of a patient's progress in order to alert medical personal to any sudden changes. A home health aide is responsible for basic health care tasks, such as giving medicine, dressing, checking a patient's temperature and pulse rate and helping with medical devices.

Physical therapy

Physical therapist creates an individualized treatment plan based on the evaluation and clinically proven therapy methods. A key element of the treatment plan is the personalized exercise program that aims to help improve patient's health.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapist helps people of all ages to fully engage in their daily lives, from their work and recreation to activities of daily living like getting dressed, cooking, eating and driving.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of people who have trouble with speech, language, cognitive function (such as problems that affect a person’s learning, memory, perception, or problem solving skills), as well as swallowing disorders.

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